Signet rings

A coat of arms is a family symbol and as such a bearer of tradition from generation to generation.
Jovenia Juveler has many years of experience in making coat of arms with seal engraving - a craft whose design requires very high precision.
Engraving is performed in all gemstones, including diamond. The most coveted stone is Sardonyx (layer stone) which occurs in various blue-gray shades. Jovenia Juveler has a large selection of ring models.

Exclusive delivery
The Signet Rings‎ are delivered in an elegant case together with 50 business cards - with your coat of arms in relief print - a photograph of the ring and a lacquer print of the coat of arms. Delivery time is eight weeks

Engraving by hand

Skilled professionals, whose craftsmanship has been inherited for many generations. The engraver freely moves the stone towards the engraving spider and engraves the weapon in a mirror image. The work requires a sense of style and great knowledge of stone.

Our own model

The ring is solid, in 18k gold with a seal engraved weapon in oval Sardonyx. The coat of arms can also show affiliation to a club, a company, an association…