signet rings

A key to your history

A signet ring showing the family coat of arms is worn with pride by generation after generation.

Jovenia Juveler has many years of experience making signet rings; it is workmenship who demands high precision and skill.

Engraving can be performed in all gemstones, even in diamonds. The most common stone is a stratyfied onyx in different shades of coloures. Jovenia Juveler has a large stock of various rings.

Exclusive Packaging

The ring will be delivered in a beautiful box together with fifty visiting cards with a print of your coat of arms, a photograph of the ring and a seal of your coat of arms.


An art of its own! We engrave coat of arms exclusively by hand. Skilled craftsmen that have inherited this art through generation. You will also receieve handmade engravings in a specially noble and fine execution.

Our Model

A solid ring in 18 carat gold, with a handmade coat of arms engraving. Delivery time is approximately eight weeks.